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Mind, Body & Soul, Inc.

Nurturing amazing transformations of youth self image, confidence, and discovery of purpose.


Mind, Body & Soul, Inc. at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Mind, Body & Soul, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization incorporated to serve youth in North Carolina in 2007. Since then we have received funding for varied youth programming from Youth Service America, Foundation for the Carolinas, Mecklenburg County, Gang of One, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Programs have included:

  • Capoeira, arts education, life skills, job shadowing and job interview role plays for youth council children ages 5-15;

  • Life skills, job readiness, organizing, marketing and facilitation of youth gang forums for Youth Leadership Academy, ages 13-17

  • Transformative Life Skills, hip hop activism and health and fitness entrepreneurship for alternative high school students

  • Transformative Life Skills for Gang Intervention and Reentry and Juvenile Diversion programming among justice involved youth ages 15 and below

  • Asset mapping for civic engagement of high school youth.



Making A Difference in the Lives of Youth

Mind, Body & Soul, Inc. is in the business of changing and shaping lives. The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to youth development and engagement by addressing academics along with life skills and healthy living practices. Some activities sponsored by our organization include transformative life skills workshops for juvenile diversion, how to start a gym or personal training business,  climbing mountains as metaphor for meeting life challenges, Capoeira for respectful conflict resolution, blindfold dodge ball to build trust and communication, hip hop for social justice activism, fitness training for lifelong wellness, helping youth to organize, market, and facilitate youth forums, and esteem makeovers for appreciating inner beauty and increasing self confidence.


Youth Empowerment

One Step at a Time

At Mind, Body & Soul we understand that one 12 to 16-week program, no matter how fabulous, is not sufficient to keep youth out of trouble and on a strong path for their entire adolescence. Rather, youth require caring adult involvement and delinquency prevention/ intervention guidance throughout their development into young adulthood.
Likewise, depending on their life circumstances, some youth may require a much more intensive focus than others. Through connections with local expertise, and evidence-based and culture and gender-relevant models, curricula and practices, Mind Body & Soul and it’s partner organizations is able to design and deliver motivational programming tailored to the specific needs of your youth.

Community Service

Youth Helping Community

At Mind, Body & Soul, Inc., we are dedicated to encouraging youth involvement in community service. Through outreach and service, youth sharpen reverence for heritage and ancestry while developing job skills and increasing self confidence.

Community Service.jpg


Knowledge is Power

At Mind, Body & Soul, Inc., education is core to youth critical thinking and empowerment. Academics improve knowledge and skills development as well as college and career readiness. Examples of academic activities include writing and presenting stories and spoken word, creating music, problem solving through role plays and debate, asset mapping, STEM data collection and report writing, and building a computer.


The Superhero in Me
Workshops & Camps:
Superhero Themed character building, fitness, nutrition and arts activities to improve youth health and wellness and build resiliency to trauma.



Valued Partnerships


Executive Director: Laurie Garo, PhD

Laurie has a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, Urban Education, 20 years working with justice system (Project Safe Neighborhoods) and law enforcement to intervene in or prevent juvenile delinquency, and 25 years teaching Geographic Information Systems at UNC-Charlotte. She is certified in Ultimate Bodybuilding, Trauma Intervention through Sport, and Expressive Arts Trauma Intervention.

Mind, Body & Soul is her vision is to empower youth to develop their own life’s Vision through the transforming of Mind, Body & Soul.

Through projects and partnerships, we serve as a CATALYST for improved self image and behavior choices, and fostering of agency and academic achievement among youth living in

challenging conditions, particularly those most marginalized from regular schooling, socialization and community involvement, and those involved in the juvenile justice system.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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